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Secret Preview Secret Preview

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wut is dat

Finnsfolks responds:

You'll see. ;)

Summer! Summer!

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Amazing djhoneyb! It feels like when it's the end of the school day, we are going to the trip... or I can rest well, or maybe go anywhere like trip to Baguio, Philippines... (I am a Filipino)

I love sax ;3

This is the best song I ever heard! Thumbs up for 5 stars!!!!

You're the best!!! \^u^/

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djhoneyb responds:

Aww, thanks for the lovely words! Keep up being awesome and have fun on your future trips, Foxes!

It's Pikachuuuuu It's Pikachuuuuu

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Pichu I heard, not Pikachu.

-Zombie Pikachu- VIP -Zombie Pikachu- VIP

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What does VIP mean?

(Nice music wow ;-;)

Demonicity responds:

VIP is kinda like a remix from the producers own song or an improvement to the song

And pikachu watches And pikachu watches

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Cynthia Strikes! Cynthia Strikes!

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Alex's House Party - Mashup for Alexkazam Alex's House Party - Mashup for Alexkazam

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Nice music!!!! (P.s. I cannot hear Fingerbang) also can you make a remix of w&W - Bigfoot? Just a request :)

Fairy Realm &amp;lt;3 Fairy Realm <3

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I hope this song might not removed. I very loved it. Like I had an imagination on this song.

Fairy Realm Fairy Realm

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I really loved this song. And yes, if I gonna scout you, you might banned... if you want to scout then ask me on P.M. (private message)

Electrik Pokemon Electrik Pokemon

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foxypanda69 responds:

This was years ago before I had any idea about mixing or mastering, I try not to listen to this stuff. lol